Many generations of Buck’s Rockers, including campers, their parents, and our current staff make up our unique community.

Once a Buck’s Rocker, always a Buck’s Rocker.

We invite you to join us –visit us and see how we’ve grown and evolved, see what the Buck’s Rock community is up to and what they have to say. Just one summer at Buck’s Rock can make you a life-long member of our big, creative family.

Friends of Buck’s Rock, Inc.

Founded in June 2001, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the educational ideals and life philosophy established by the founders of Buck’s Rock Work Camp in 1942. We have awarded more than 40 scholarships for a summer experience at Buck’s Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp. Donations from individuals and a supportive relationship with the directors of the Camp, Mickey and Laura Morris, have made this possible.

Year Book

The year book is created in “The Publications Shop” (a.k.a. the Pub Shop) during the last week of camp. The shop is located at the heart of camp, across the way from the Glassblowing Studio. Sharing space with Digital Photography, the Pub Shop is one of Buck’s Rock’s most enduring traditions.


Buck’s Rock has inspired confidence and self-esteem in teens for over 70 years through distinctive programs that encourage creativity and self-exploration.


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