We could regale you with
facts about our camp like


We’ve been around for 75-years (not too many camps can say that).

Our camp is secluded in 116 acres of beautiful New England foothills.

Our founders, Ernst and Ilse Bulova studied with Maria Montessori.

We have over 30 studios in visual, performing, culinary and musical arts.

We have a camper to counselor/expert ratio of 2:1.

We have more than 150 professional artists and teachers.

We have an animal farm with 2 cows, 4 sheep, 7 goats, lots of chickens, rabbits, and a Sicilian donkey named Gino.

Many of our campers have gone on to be famous musicians, actors and artists. Take a look our Wikipedia page if you want to know who…

*But we’d rather show off our campers and some of their creations.